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Nothing has done more damage to the reputation of sundials than cheap "off the shelf" examples which do not (and usually cannot) indicate the time. Fixed dials must be calculated and set out for their precise geographic position. If this is done, they can be spherical, horizontal, sloping or vertical, facing north, south, east or west, or any graduation in between. They can assume almost any form imagination allows, from stereotypical garden dials to armillary spheres, from reflecting dials to stained-glass window-dials, both of which can be read from indoors. They can be small or vast. They can simply tell the time, or show a wealth of elaborate astronomical information. They can indicate time in cities abroad, and by shadow or light-spot, recall birthdays and other anniversaries annually. They may show local time, mean time or daylight-saving time. They can be awash with symbolism. They may act as memorials or carry mottos for the improvement of future generations, whether religious, explanatory, advisory, reflective, punning, thought-provoking, morbid, humorous, astronomical or simply joyful. They can be figurative or abstract, interactive, public, private or corporate. They can be made from many different materials and may last for many centuries.

Over forty years, Joanna Migdal has been commissioned to make hundreds of dials of all kinds by private and corporate clients throughout the world. Her work has won many awards and she has been described as "foremost in her art" and recently even called "the Queen of Sundials". She is delighted to undertake further commissions by request. The possibilities are boundless.

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