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An Artist of Renown

Joanna Migdal has specialised for some forty years in making one-off sundials of all kinds to commission, for clients throughout the world. Her work can be found from Oxford University to Westminster Abbey, from Kew Palace to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

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Size is not a consideration

Only the requirements of the client and the laws of the Solar System limit the size and style of Joanna Migdal's work. Dials and sculptures can be modest or monumental, conventional or unconventional, but always unique.

Rare skills

While the majority of modern sundial makers use machine engraving, acid etching and other computer-aided methods of generating and setting out their work, Joanna Migdal is a trained calligrapher and takes pride in deep-cutting lettering by hand, in the centuries-old tradition.

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